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a new french word every day

le français n'est pas ma langue maternelle alors si je fais une erreur sur cette page, dites-le moi s'il vous plaît !

french isn't my first language so if I make a mistake on this page (and I will probably make several), please tell me!


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Jan 20

en petite tenue

scantily clad


submitted by nitrocaffeine

Jun 14


to wander about


submitted by promisesyoucantkeep

May 8


to create


submitted by pianoscordatura

Apr 9


gaping, wide open, yawning
submitted by nyfikenienstrut

Mar 23


sparkling, fizzy, bubbly


submitted by blackkmilk

Feb 1

vous vous prenez pour qui?

who do you think you are?


submitted by oralsex-and-smokersbreath

Jan 9

je suis dans les nuages

to have your head in the clouds, to be daydreaming or mentally somewhere else ———

submitted by oralsex-and-smokersbreath

Oct 29


to go easy on, to handle with tact; to spare; to use sparingly; to take great care of, look after

il faut le ~ : go easy on him

elle n’a pas ménagé les critiques : she spared no criticism 


submitted by contrabonosmores

Oct 26

la biche

doe; (colloquial) term of endearment

note: it’s also used as a term of endearment (so “ma biche” would be calling someone your sweetie).


submitted by quiestcequecest

Sep 15

Prendre ses jambes à son cou

to take to one’s heels 

note: the same idiomatic expression in both languages but it is not a word for word translation.


submitted by contrabonosmores

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